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Brazil 12th Block Bidding Round

Areas offered in the 12th Bidding Round

CNPE authorized ANP, by means of Resolution no. 6, published in the Official Gazette on 08.07.2013, to hold the 12th Bidding Round of blocks for exploration and production of oil and natural gas in 2013.

The 12th Bidding Round should offer 240 exploration blocks, distributed in seven sedimentary basins, being:

I - 110 exploration blocks in New Frontier areas in the Basins of Acre, Parecis, São Francisco, Paraná and Parnaíba; and

II - 130 exploratory blocks in Mature Basins of Recôncavo and Sergipe-Alagoas.

Public Consultation and Public Hearing no. 20/2013 - Draft of the Tender Protocol and Contract

As per the Amendment Notice published in the Official Gazette on 16 July 2013, a ANP extended the period of the Public Consultation and changed the date of the Public Hearing no. 20/2013. With amendment, comments and suggestions about the minutiae of the notice and the production sharing contract may be forwarded to ANP until 6 pm on July 29, 2013. The Public Hearing no. 20/2013, which was scheduled to take place on 23 July 2013, from 09 am to 12 pm, will be held on 06 August 2013, from 03 pm to 06 pm, in the auditorium of the Escola de Guerra Naval, located at Av. Pasteur, 480, Urca, Rio de Janeiro – RJ.

New deadlines :

- Final deadline to send comments/suggestions to the minutiae of the tender protocol and the production sharing contract - 07/29, 06 pm;

- Final Deadline for early registration of the interested parties to participate in the Public Hearing no. 20/2013 - 07/29, 06 pm;

- Final Deadline for the interested parties registered as exhibitors to send copies of their presentations to ANP - 07/29, 06 pm;

- Public Hearing no. 20/2013 - 06/08, 03 pm-06 pm.

The original text of disclosure of the Public Consultation and Public Hearing no. 20/2013, below, was modified in order to include the new dates.

Participation Fee

The payment of the participation fees is one of the requirements for qualification in the First Production Sharing Tender. The area on offer in this bid was selected in the Santos Basin in an area containing the structure known as Libra prospectus in the pre-salt polygon.

The payment of the participation fee should be made preferably by means of bank slip available in the link beside. Another alternative for the payment of the participation fee is a bank transfer. After the transfer, the receipt and the reference number of the deposit should be sent by fax to (+ 5521) 2112-8539 or e-mail rodadas@anp.gov.br.

The payments in foreign currency can only be made by bank transfer. The equivalent amount in US dollars will be converted to real by the official purchase exchange rate of the Central Bank (BACEN - Ptax. compra) of the business day immediately preceding the payment, published by the Central Bank, proviso any financial intermediation fee on the operation transfer, which is charged abroad or in Brazil, is under the responsibility of the company. The SWIFT CODE to be used for such transfer operations is: BRASBRRJRJO001223490003330087.

The payment of the Participation Fee is compulsory and individual to each company, even those wishing to submit bids through consortium.

Once the payment has been made and the form provided in Annex II of the Tender Protocol is filled out and the requirements for the expression of interest are met, the data packets may be downloaded.

Basin Sector Area Participation Fee¹
Santos SS-AUP1 Libra R$ 2.067.400,00


1. The listed amount refers only to the Sector and Block mentioned in the table.


Event Date
Beginning of the period for delivery of documents relating to the expression of interest and documents for Qualification and Capacity¹ 07/10/2013
Availability of Data Packet² 07/10/2013
Initiation of Public Consultation 07/10/2013
Final Deadline for contributions to the Tender Protocol and termination of Public Consultation 07/29/2013
Public Hearing (City of Rio de Janeiro) 08/06/2013
Publication of the final version of the Tender Protocol and Production Sharing Contract 08/23/2013
Technical-Environmental and Legal-Tax Seminar 08/28/2013
Final deadline for delivery of documents relating to the Expression of Interest and documents for Qualification 09/09/2013
Final deadline for payment and delivery of documents relating to the Participation Fee 09/09/2013
Final Deadline for submission of Bid Bonds 10/07/2013
Final Deadline for clarifications on provisions of the Tender Protocol 10/07/2013
Submission of bids³ 10/21/2013
Signing of the Production Sharing Contract Expected for November 2013.

This schedule is preliminary and just indicative. ANP may modify or suspend it, provided appropriate notice is given.


¹ The interested company should submit, as of that date, all documents required for qualification and capacity.

² The release of the data package is subject to proof of payment of the participation fee and approval of the documentation on the expression of interest.

³ Accreditation for the event of submission of offers as of October 20, 2013.