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Final Tender Protocol and model of Concession Contract 4th Bidding Round

The Final Tender Protocol brings the rules and procedures of the 4th Bidding Round for Areas with Marginal Accumulations sets forth rights and obligations of the future concessionaires.

The final tender protocol and the model of concession contract furnish improvements in relation to the draft tender protocol and to the draft of concession contract, published on September, 29th 2016. The contributions received during the period of public consultation and public hearing 18/2016 were assessed by ANP and those considered as relevant were used for the improvement of the tender documentation. The tables which consolidate the contributions, the deliberation of ANP, as well as their respective justifications are available for download at Page: Public Consultation and Public Hearing.

The full content of the final tender protocol, which contains the model of the concession contract, is available for download in word and pdf formats.

Indicative Schedule

Event Date
Publication of Draft Tender Protocol and Draft of Concession Agreement 09/29/2016
Term Commencement for filling application forms, delivery of application documentation and payment fee participation 09/30/2016
Data Technical Package Availability¹ 09/30/2016
Final Term for additions into the Draft Tender Protocol and into the Draft of Concession Agreement and Public Consultation Closing 11/14/2016
Public Hearing (city of Rio de Janeiro) 11/21/2016
Technical-Environmental Seminar 11/22/2016
Publication of Tender Protocol and the Draft of the Concession Agreement 12/15/2016
Fiscal-Legal Seminar 01/19/2016*
Final Term for filling application forms, delivery of application documentation and payment fee participation 02/03/2107*
Deadline for presentation of Bid Bonds 04/24/2017**
Public offers presentation 05/11/2017
Term for delivery of the qualification documentation (awarded bidder) 05/12 to 05/22/2017*
Award and ratification of the bidding Until 07/20/2017*
Term for submision of the following documents: (1) signing of concession agreement; and (2) qualification of affiliates appointed to sign the concession agreement, if appropriate. 07/21 to 07/31/2017*
Term for payment of the signature bonus and submission of the receipt 07/21 to 08/22/2017*
Signing of Concession Agreement Until 08/31/2017*


*Date changed by decision of ANP Board of Directors published in the Official Gazette on 12/12/2016.

** Date changed by decision of ANP Board of Directors published in the Official Gazette on 04/12/2017.

¹The technical data package shall be forwarded to business companies which suits, as per tender protocol: (i) fulfillment of electronic application form; (ii) receipt of payment of participation fee, as per 4.3.1; and (iii) once enclosed the confidentiality agreement, as per section 4.2.5, confirming the powers of its signatory, as per the documentation provision 4.2.1 and when applicable, item 4.2.2.